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10 years after , and ever ever after

Title: 10 years after and ever ever after

pairings : RYODA
length: one shot
Rating : pg-13 ?
gener : angst \ fluff
Summary: they met after 10 years and finally talked like two normal people
note : my english isn't that great so if you find any mistakes please let me know :D

it was a cold night , nothing special , Ueda just felt like he is sick of his apartment and he needed to go alone somewhere.

He took his keys and went out , just driving around the city.

"Tokyo is nice at night" he thought .

After 40 minutes he decided to stop by a small bar he used to visit alone.

He just sat there drinking , relaxing . Going out alone and setting by himself is not really his thing but he really needed to
clear his mind a bit, he sighed at the idea of being alone but it can't be helped !

Half an hour later he felt someone poking his shoulder

- Ueda kun?!!

- oh, okura-kun!!!

- wah ! What a chance ! How are you?

- um,, i'm good , you?

- i'm great, what are you doing here alone ?

- well, nothing in particular , just drinking

- oh right say hi to ryo chan

Ryo popped his face from behind okura's shoulder

" oh shit " Ueda thought

- uh,, hello nishikido-kun

Ryo nodded his head

- hi

Ueda didn't feel angry or hurt but instead he felt kinda awkward

- he lets drink together .  Okura said excitedly

- um , i actually was about to leave since i won't be able to drive if i drink more .

- what are you saying ?just stay its really unusual to meet you though. You don't have to drink , just lets chat a little

Ueda couldn't really  refuse so he stayed ..

" this is awkward. Really really awkward" Ueda thought

Ryo too was acting awkwardly.  Not really mean nor shy ..but kinda awkward !!

They spent the time chatting about work mostly , random topics but nothing personal since they weren't that close ..

One hour later okura's phone rang and he had to leave to talk to the person who called him ..

" uh god don't go .. This is gonna be bad"

Actually they didn't talk at all , both of them were playing with their phones just to make it less awkward but no .. It didn't help

A few minutes later okura came back

- sorry i got to leave now !!

Ryo : why? What happened

- i dont know but the manager called telling me i have to go as soon as possible .. Sorry ryo .  Ueda-kun it was nice to meet
you after a long time .. See you soon

Ueda nodded " yeah , see you "

Okura ran to the exit with a smile on his face.

" those two need to talk at least .. Thank you manager san "

The two of them sat silently for moments and right before Ueda says he wants to leave , Ryo spoke

- um , you .. You changed .

- eh?

- i mean .. You don't look a mess as you used to be.

- oh , you mean .. my style ?

- yeah , you .... used to be someone who didn't know what to do or how to act.

- or what to be as you asked me huh? Ueda smiled at his sentence

- well, yeah .. Sorry about that. Ryo smiled guiltily remembering the shounen club show and how mean he was towards

- hey you don't have to apologize that was really long time ago

- yeah ... 10 years? Time flys

- yeah .. We were teenagers and wild back then .

- but look at you now .. You're a .. Man

- hey i've been a man the whole time thought

- no i mean you're much cooler now and you're doing very well in your job and even your face is much better than it used to

- i was still growing up you know ..   I even grew taller than you

- hey hey don't start now

Ueda laughed at ryo's face expression

- but why did you cut your hair anyway?

- oh .. I had to shave it for my role in a drama . Ueda said while brushing his hair with his fingers

- eh? You shaved it? . Its not like ryo doesn't know but he had to act like he doesn't

- yeah i did , it grew longer of course but i think i prefer it like this .. Short and black

- you look manly with this hairstyle but ... You really should let your hair grow longer

- eh why?

- well i don't know but .. I liked your long hair better, it suited you more . Ryo said that blushing slightly .. He tried to hid it but
he failed

" did he blush just now? And did he say he LIKED MY hair ?"

- oh

Ueda drank more of his drink just to avoid the awkwardness and after a few glasses he got completely drunk

- hey don't get drunk Ueda you won't be able to drive

- its ok its ok i'm not drunk yet !! I can drive
Ueda tried to stand up and when he did

- ok then nishikido kun it was nice to meet you .. I'm leaving now, bye

He didn't even step one step before falling on the chair

- see you're completely drunk now !

- i'm not !

- here i'll drive you home

Ryo helped Ueda to stand up and he walked him to his own car thinking

" why should this happen now!?"

Ueda was trying to tell ryo that he was fine and not drunk but ryo never believed him for sure and he pushed him inside his

- where are you taking me nishikido?

- i'm taking you home of course .

- wow , who would believe this? Nishikido ryo the great nishikido taking Ueda tatsuya home ~ such a good story for fan

- you read those stuff ?

- it appears whenever i google myself .. and those stuff are quite funny tough

- you're drunk Ueda . Then he smiled

- i'm not

- yes you are and i'm not a jerk to leave you at that place . If you did something bad okura eill blame me and it would be bad
for the agency too

- yeah yeah yea~h .

- when i get out of the parking lot tell me the direction to your apartment , ok?

- okaay. And he closed his eyes

When they got out of the parking lot ueda was actually asleep

- so ueda ? Where should i go?

- ....

- hey don't sleep now!!! Oh my god this is bad !

Ueda was simply sleeping and not answering ryo at all

Ryo threw his head to his seat

" damn"

Ryo couldn't do anything at all since jin didn't answer his call so he decided to take Ueda home ! HIS HOME

When they arrived ryo struggled in trying to make ueda walk to his apartment and when they were at the hallway Ueda

started to wake up

- where are we nishikido ?

- awesome you just woke up!!!! We're in my apartment. Ryo said a little bit annoyed

- eh? . Ueda tried to open his eyes , the lightning hit his yes so he shut them close again

- too bright

- your're kinda heavy , can't you stand up by yourself?

Ueda tried to stand up but then he fell on the ground

- oh my god your drunk more than i thought

Ryo carried him and almost threw him on his couch

- ouch , that hurts nishikido

- well, you're so heavy ! Ryo said panting

Ryo went to bring a glass of water for ueda

- thank you , nishikido

- it ok

Ueda threw his head to the couch and said

- i really can't believe i'm at your apartment

- yeah me neither

- i really wanted to be close to you when i was younger

- eh?

- i really respected you , you're younger than me but i couldn't be as confident and great as you were !

- what are you talking about

- i think i sort of liked you too

- huh !!?

- i liked you .  I wanted to be friends with you but then you started to randomly bully me and your words were like knives in
my heart !

- i said i'm sorry

- i'm not trying to make you feel guilty nishikido , i'm just trying to explain  stuff  i wanted to explain for sooo long

Ryo didn't answer and just kept silent

- i wanted to be strong and tried to revenge but you've taking it too far a d even asked me who i was! That question really
hurt me like hell ..

Ueda's yes filled with tears and ryo almost heard him sob so he moved closer    To ueda and hesitantly put an arm around
Ueda's shoulder

- you know how i felt ? I felt like a high school girl who was told that she is ugly by the guy she liked. isn't that horrible?

- Ueda...

- everyone was laughing at ME because of YOU .. He said while tears run on his cheeks

- i know i'm grown up now and i shouldn't be crying over something like this but i've been carrying these feelings for so long
and even my feelings for you were growing with me up until this day.

Ryo huged Ueda tightly

- i'm sorry Ueda i really am sorry

Ueda wrapped his arms around ryo's neck and buried his face on the crock his neck while ryo was stroking his back

- let it all out

- i have nothing to say anymore nishikido

Ryo hugged him even tighter

- i loved you since the first time i put my eyes on you Ueda ..

Ueda was shocked to the point he couldn't answer

- i thought that teasing you might make you pay attention to me but i took it so far until i believed you hated me

- i did .. I hated you because i loved you so much to the point it hurt me so bad

- i'm sorry

Ueda sobbed a little then ryo pulled away and looked at ueda's eyes

- my feelings never changed until this moment ... I love you so much Ueda

Ryo whipped the tears that was falling from Ueda's eyes

- and i don't think my feelings will ever change

Ueda kept silent until he felt ryo getting closer to his face and he kissed him ,   The great nishikido ryo kissed him .! It wasn't
a passionate kiss , just a loving tender one .

- will you be by my side to the day i die, ueda?

Ueda jumped and hugged the life out of Ryo

- yes yes i will

Ryo smiled his eye blinding smile and threw himself on the couch taking Ueda with him

They just laid there , Ueda hugging ryo and the other was smelling ueda's hair

- you know ?

- humm?

- we should really thank the manager for calling okura tonight

- yeah we should . Ueda said and sighed a happy sigh

- with this hair i can't call you Hime anymore you look like a prince now

Ueda laughed

- thats even better

- just sleep Ueda

- tatsuya !

- Hime

- tsk

Ryo smiled and kissed ueda's hair and they both slept peacefully thanking god for such a chance to meet at the bar

The End

bleeeh idk but i hope you guys like it :D
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lol they have fight a lot for my name XD here the list

lu lu = means pearls
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