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my half Skirt, dressand pants!!!

hello~ how do you do evry one?? I will show you something ^^ I will show you what i`m going to wear in my Graduation D,J Party first i wanted to wear something like shige`s dress then i said no no i want to wear like masu`s then no, like Tigoshi`s ><" it was annoy =__= and finally ,, coz i`m Genius i Decided to integrate all the fashions of the members

and ,, it is done

the pic has been deleted 

what do you think about it?

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    Hello MEGA

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    hello i have some older scans from june 2020 *PTSD* ANAN , BITEKI , TVLIFE and THE TELE. *click to enlarge* MEGA

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    hey hello just to let you know i am uploading shige's drama but the post is locked if you add me please tell me to add you back thank you

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