Abi_chan (abi_chan) wrote,

NEWS on music station for the Wa ni natte oudoro! project

hello guys,

i hope you all are feeling a little bit better
and my your hearts heal sooner then you think.

i wanted to post this on 4 news fans and news_jpop communities but
i'm not sure if it's appropriate to do that now :c
what do you think?

Edit: It's been shared already by inala <3

anyways here is their performance + Talk

they really lifted my spirit

and Kchan's sign language message was just <3

talk 1 : Mega

Talk 2 :Mega

Performance: Mega

  • NEWS- BURN (Shonen Club Premium Performance)

    Hello MEGA

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    hello i have some older scans from june 2020 *PTSD* ANAN , BITEKI , TVLIFE and THE TELE. *click to enlarge* MEGA

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    hey hello just to let you know i am uploading shige's drama but the post is locked if you add me please tell me to add you back thank you

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