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another Q xxD

 i don`t know but i`m falling in love with the QS xD its like asking my self :3

1. Why not me?

coz it`s not me 
2. Am I nice?
too much -_-"
3. Am I doing what I really want to do?
4. What am I grateful for?
i have the greatest mother 
5. What’s missing in my life?
love, luck , some company 
6. Am I honest?
sure i cant lie 
7. Do I listen to others?
if they are listing to me 
8. Do I work hard?
yeah , too much forcing my sel
9. Do I help others?
they came to me just to get help 
10. What do I need to change about myself?
"kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki " ;3 nothing i don`t need any changing 
11. Have I hurt others?
by saing the truth ? yeah i did , truth always hurts 
12. Do I complain?
yes yes yes yes yes 
13. What’s next for me?
i wonder :(
14. Do I have fun?
not like what people think , no , i look soo funny girl , but no ,not realy
15. Have I seized opportunities?
16. Do I care about others?
more than my self 
17. Do I spend enough time with my family?
no no no no I DON`T ><
18. Am I open-minded?
19. Have I seen enough of the world?
20. Do I judge others?
no "MURI"
21. Do I take risks?
22. What is my purpose?
23. What is my biggest fear?
high places + future 
24. How can I conquer that fear?
facing it 
25. Do I thank people enough?
as long as they deserve it 
26. Am I successful?
yes but i need some luck 
27. What am I ashamed of?
i`m not doing things makes me ashamed 
28. Do I annoy others?
yeah , by cute ways xD
29. What are my dreams?
i know what is it :P
30. Am I positive?
i used to be xxD
31. Am I negative?
yeah for the last 8 years
32. Is there an afterlife?
yes there is 
33. Does everything happen for a reason?
34. What can I do to change the world?
35. What is the most foolish thing I’ve ever done?
a lot of things 
36. Am I cheap?
37. Am I greedy?
38. Who do I love?
mom <3 ,my friends and my my my massu 
39. Who do I want to meet?
MASSU , and my luck to wake him up xxD
40. Where do I want to go?
tokiyo , osaka, Spain 
41. What am I most proud of?
that i`m abir <3
42. Do I care what others think about me?
a lot 
43. What are my talents?
heheheh ;P
44. Do I utilize those talents?
45. What makes me happy?
 seeing massu ^^ recntly i don`t smile but when i talk about him ^^"
46. What makes me sad?
being ignored 
47. What makes me angry?
48. Am I satisfied with my appearance?
yeah sure 
49. Am I healthy?
50. What was the toughest time in my life?
now days T^T
51. What was the easiest time in my life?
childhood days
52. Am I selfish?
sort of ,but i became selfish for the others sake :S
53. What was the craziest thing I did?
hahahahaha driving the car not to fall in a valley xD 
54. What is the craziest thing I want to do?
i don`t want to do anything , i want it to come by the chance :S
55. Do I procrastinate?
if i don`t like what i`m doing , i do 
56. What is my greatest regret?
:S we learn from our past , no need to be regret of anything , right?
57. What has had the greatest impact on my life?
smiling brings happiness 
58. Who has had the greatest impact on my life?
mom, massu :$
59. Do I stand up for myself?
yes , i don`t need any one sometimes ^^ 
60. Have I settled for mediocrity?
61. Do I hold grudges?
no , i don`t know how to heat someone 
62. Do I read enough?
63. Do I listen to my heart?
no , but to my brain 
64. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate?
65. Do I pray only when I want something?
muslims prays 5 time every day =)
66. Do I constantly dwell on the past?
with my self ,yeah i do 
67. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me?
no, i chose what to affect by 
68. Do I forgive myself?
for the little things ,yes 
69. When I help someone do I think “What’s in it for me”?
no never 
70. Am I aware that someone always has it worse than me?
sometimes xD
71. Do I smile more than I frown?
72. Do I surround myself with good people?
yes yes
73. Do I take time out for myself?
all the time 
74. Do I ask enough questions?
i`m tired now xD
75. What other questions do I have?
i`ll tink later xD 

KOYAsumi minna xD

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