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My tegoshi-ish GIRL 2\?

title: My tegoshi-ish GIRL
author: me .. abi-chan
pairing: masuda/tegoshi-ish??!!
rating: I don`t know what is the rating means so I don’t know xD
summary: he was a drunk and sad , when he met the girl who looks like tegoshi too much
notes: well, this is the first time for me writing fafic and the English is not my mother language so please be kind with me ^^"


Chapter 2\?
After giving massu some of the medicines kaori went to the living room she was really afraid and excited
She told herself .."" this is must be a crazy dream
It`s 3:35 a.m now ..when she heard some noise in her bedroom ..
" did he wake up ?? "
She saw massu walking out her bedroom and then she asked
"are you ok now ?"
"" i`m…i`m thirsty
" i`ll gave you some water ..set here "
After moments
" here "
"thank you ….…eeeeeeh?? Who are you ?? where am I ?"
" you stuck on me and you were so sick so I brought you here .. in....my…..place"
W…why are you staring at me ""
" are you a girl ? "
" I AM "
" you .. you look like .. someone I know .. and ..he is a guy "
" you mean your love..tegoshi yuya??? "
" how …"
" you thought that i`m tegoshi so YOU stuck on me"
" i`m ..sorry "
" are you ok now ?, I thought you`ll burn "
"this is must be a crazy dream "
" yeah , I think that too , i`v never thought i`ll see masuda takahisa ..and talk to him.. in my own room "
" sorry ,, i`m really sorry , I think I have to go now ..thank you very much "
When he walked a little steps ,,he fall on the ground
" hey are you ok ??" she run to him , helping him to stand
" i`m ok ..i`m just dizzy "
" you`re not ok , I think you should go back and sleep "
" no , i`m really ok.. i`ll just go home "
" it`s too clod out there and it`s tooooo late ,, set here ,, i`ll make you something hot to drink "
" th..thank you "
When she went to the kitchen ..she asked her self
"what should I make?? Uh,, right he likes the hot chocolate ."
" here"
" sorry , thank you "
"don`t thank me please "
" uh , it`s hot chocolate,, how did you know that I like it"
" eeerm ..well" she pointed to the wall ..on some of massuda`s pics
" aa.. you are a fan!!!? "
"well yeah ..you can say than"
"this is ..aa"
"don`t worry ,, i`m not going to tell anyone about anything ,,i`ll just tell myself that it was only a crazy dream"
She saw his eyes looking to her not really trusting her ..
"well . I know you can`t believe me ,but if I told anyone about this , i`ll cause you troubles ,and I don`t want that to happen , and now you know the place .. if I lied ..come and kill me..ok?"
" no , it`s not like I don`t truest you..i "
" I can read you`r eyes , and I don`t blame you ,me too I can`t truest you, how could I know that you`re not going to do something bad to me?"
(( ok , that was a lie )) she thought .
" uh "
He was only drinking his hot chocolate without saying a word
" so ,, do you really in love with him"
" eh?"
" I know it`s not my business but , you can say anything you want "
" what do you mean ?"
" when I found you , you were crying too much and when you saw my face you STOLEN my first hug , you were really look ,broken "
Masuda just blushed a little , not looking to her ..
"eeeh .. i`v never imagine that…i`m not blaming you falling in love is not a bad thing , and you can`t help yourself or chose who would you love ..but"
" hmm?"
" I think you deserve something better than that "
" you don`t know anything"
" yes, I don`t know any ,, but, having a broken heart is not thing you deserve ,that`s what I know "
" anyway , is it ok if I stayed here? Wouldn't your boyfriend mind ?"
" I don’t have a boyfriend"
" what? I don`t believe you =S "
"well up until now i`v never fall in love with any one "
" eh? Even the first love ??"
(( can we say that you`re my first love?))
" yes "
"eeeh~ "
" is that something bad ?"
" no . no but , someone who had your face ,, I don`t think .."
" aah , I see . but no ,,the others are not like massuda "
" nothing , so why don`t you go back to sleep and tomorrow imagine that this night was a dream"
" you go to sleep , i`ll sleep here on the couch "
" no no , don`t be so shy , actually I usually don`t sleep at this time , so no problem with me "she said with a smile
(( actually i`m a girl who sleep at 11 p.m .. now i`m dying sleep))
" yeah , I have to do something here and there .just go ahead "
Massu smiled a little and said
"thank you "
When he laid on her bed he saw others pics of him on the wall
" I hope that she isn`t a crazy fan ,, i`m afraid that she`ll do something bad to me , well she doesn`t look like a bad person ,,and this bed ..it ..smells nice"
And then , he fall asleep
Ok i`m not ok with this chap -______- but I felt like writing ^^" sorry ^^"

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