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my tegoshi-is girl chap 3\?

title: My tegoshi-ish GIRL
author: me .. abi-chan
pairing: masuda/tegoshi-ish??!!
rating: I don`t know what is the rating means so I don’t know xD
summary: he was a drunk and sad , when he met the girl who looks like tegoshi too much
notes: well, this is the first time for me writing fafic and the English is not my mother language so please be kind with me ^^"

Next day ..

Masu woke up and blanked few times before remembering

" yeah i`m in that`s girl`s room "

Massu walked out of the room

" good morning massu "

"massu ???"

" aah , it`s harder to say masuda-san"

(what is it with her ?) he thought

" well , okay , thank you very much for taking care of me I think i`ll leave now"

" are you going ?i was about making a breakfast "

" ah thank you , I don’t feel like eating now"



( why she insists?) he ask himself

(why am I insisting ?) she asked herself

Massu took a seat on the table

Later .

Massu was focusing on his coffee not saying anything

"how do you feel now?"

" ah much better ,thank you"

" good "


( what a awkward atmosphere) she thought

" you can talk to me "


" I mean about your broken heart"

" why would I ? "

"well..maybe sometimes talking to someone you don’t know is good"


" 1- maybe that someone will give you an advice ,2- maybe you will feel better after

Talking and that someone will forget everything about you and your troubles"

" I don’t want to "

" okay"

" uh you are really a girl "

" I AM..why would you think i`m not ???"

"last night you were wearing…."

" I wear boys cloths when I sleep sometimes ..BUT..that doesn`t make me a boy "


Suddenly she remembered something

" aaaah by the way ,,i`m really really really really sorry"


"please forgive meeee"

" what?? For what ?"

" last night your phone was ringing none stop so I shoot it off… I swear I didn`t see the

Number and I swear I didn`t do anything with it I swear god I didn`t ..i just thought it`s going

To wake you up so…i..shoot it off"

Massu was blinking too much

" are you going to be mad at me ?"

( sure I am ><") he said to himself

" n..no"

" I know you don’t like people to touch your thing,, and i`m really sorry "

"it`s ok..it`s ok..where is it ?"

" I didn`t move it .. I cleaned it whit a napkin and I put it beside you"


" uh , i`ll take it then "

Massu went to take his phone and kaori thought

( wha?? What is that?? He is acting like it`s his home already !!!)

Then massu showed up

""thanks again for taking care of me, and sorry for the troubles I made

"ah no no it`s okay"

" i`m leaving now.."

She walked him to the door

" good bye"

" bye bye"

" he left??? Like like I won`t see him again??is that`s the over ? wait wait what was thaaaaaaat?"

Kaori was so shocked ..that she didn`t sleep at night

" i`m sleeping on the bed that massu was sleeping on?..wait wait he was sleeping on my bed"

She kept thinking those stupid thoughts until the late night ..and she decided that it`s all dream

Two weeks later everything back to the normal …sometimes kaori thought like

( I miss him .. It was a few hours but I really miss him..i can`t lie to myself and say it was a dream)

Later that night she was lying on her couch feeling so sleepy and empty

When she heard a strong knocking on her door

" okay coming coming"

she couldn`t believe her eyes when she opened the door

" massu ??"

" aa..hi"

" come in ..come in"

"thank you"

" let me make you some.."

" can I stay here tonight ?"

" huh???"


" sure..you..can..but why??"

He didn`t answer just looked at the floor

" are you okay?"

" yeah..i think"

" is it that bad??"

" I really need a rest..i`m tired " he said with a sad voice

" you can sleep in my room"

" but.."

" no no no no you can..go ahead i`m still not sleeping early"

(i`v became a bat becoz of you anyway ) she thought

"thank you"

Minutes later she wanted to check if he was sleeping or if he needs something

Out of her door she heard him sobbing

(what is it with him ?)

She entered her room

" massu??" are you okay?"

He was sitting on the bed`s side and crying

She ran to him

" are you okay??wha??what happened"

" it hurts..it really hurts "

she site down beside him

" will you please tell me what is hurting you ?? please"

He was sobbing and not answering her

She wiped his tears with her thumb

" massu, please don’t cry..please..it hurts me too"

Massu was crying like baby who lost his mum, and she cant stay and watch that

So she hugged him

" I don’t want to see crying massu,, it doesn`t suit you,i`ll..i`ll cry with you"

And she cried with him for real

Massu said while sobbing

" I can`t handle it anymore, I was giving him my heart, my time and all my life..but he..he..doesn't feel anything"

She pated his head

"massu ..sometimes you can`t have all what you want "

He hugged her tight and buried his face in her shoulder

" but I loved him so much,,more than anything"

" I know..i know how do you feel "

They didn`t say anything after that she let him cry until he calmed a little bit

She looked at him in the eyes and said

" massu..you really should sleep..go and wash your face first"


It was awkward really

( what have I done????????????)

No time to think now..she ran to the kitchen to bring a water for massu

" take this drink it "

"thank you "

Massu went to the bed and she covered him with the blanket but he suddenly grabbed her


" will you..stay with me?"


" please..i need you"

"aa okay"

( what am I doing ?? getting in the bed with him?? I`m already dea~d)

Massu buried his face in her chest .. and she felt him sobbing a little ,so kaori wrapped her

Arms around him and passed her fingers in his hair until he fell asleep

She looked at his face and said

" I know how do feel,when you r in love with someone who loves another one..i really do"

She kissed hid nose and said

" I love you"

okay now here is the end of the chappy ^^"
now i`m really going to sleep *v*

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