Abi_chan (abi_chan) wrote,

giu`s meme *v*

.-. eeeeh should i really do that GIU  ??

okay i like Q&A anyway *v* eheheheh 

1. One of your closest friend in real life

moneera *v* 

2. One of your closest friend in internet

hi-mi-tsu =P

3. One of your annoying habit

when i`m angry i could kill , i dont want anyone to see me angry ^^"
also i`m always not friendly with anyone at the begging i saty in a corner alone and study the ppl
around me so i can chose who is the person i could talk to ^^" so ppl think that i`m not a nice girl =( 

4. One of your saddest moment
when that asshole man toled me "uh i forgot to send your papers to the Translating department try again next year"
so i skipped uni T^T 

5. One of your happiest moment
didn`t came yet =\ ,maybe when i knew massu !!?

6. One of your creepiest moment ?
be4  3 years we had a pool in our house i wasn`t swimming but i saw one of the kids drowns or i think drowned 
i jumped there and i got him out of the pool but he wasn`t breathing i dont remember what happend after that
coz i hardly realixed that i`v jumped in the pool *o* i ran to his mum and i gave him to her and idk XD
i felt it was all my responsibility idk why =X 

7. One of moment in your life when you feel, "I'm so lucky !"
didn`t came yet , but every time i remember who is my mother i feel lucky ^^

8. One of your favorite game for a life time
teken 3 XD i can only play this XD

9. One of your favorite song in your playlist
arabic: nancy ajram`s songs 
japanese : first love - utada hikaru & NEWS-cherish , tegomassu kata omoii no chisana koi &chiken boy T^T
american : hilary duff- I AM 

( did u say one? XD)  

10. One of your idol's DVD you ever had
not yet .-.

11. One of your internet username
abir-chan but if it`s arabic site it`s abir tamim 

12. One of your favorite Japanese group

13. One of your interesting part of your body
my body .-. everyone says that .-. 
but i like my eyebrows *v* i never touch them *v* aaand my moles *v*

14. One of your interesting part of your opposite sex body
Smile *v* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cheeks   

15. One of your favorite food

16. One of your favorite dessert

desserts? yuk .-. okay chocolate cake ^^"

17. One of your favorite filling of a bread
hamburger XXXD

18. One of your favorite color
yellow *v* 

19. One of your favorite movie
the Cinderella story *v*

20. One of your favorite website of all time

google XD lol

 i think twitter ^^


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