giu`s meme *v*

.-. eeeeh should i really do that GIU  ??

okay i like Q&A anyway *v* eheheheh 

1. One of your closest friend in real life

moneera *v* 

2. One of your closest friend in internet

hi-mi-tsu =P

3. One of your annoying habit

when i`m angry i could kill , i dont want anyone to see me angry ^^"
also i`m always not friendly with anyone at the begging i saty in a corner alone and study the ppl
around me so i can chose who is the person i could talk to ^^" so ppl think that i`m not a nice girl =( 

4. One of your saddest moment
when that asshole man toled me "uh i forgot to send your papers to the Translating department try again next year"
so i skipped uni T^T 

5. One of your happiest moment
didn`t came yet =\ ,maybe when i knew massu !!?

6. One of your creepiest moment ?
be4  3 years we had a pool in our house i wasn`t swimming but i saw one of the kids drowns or i think drowned 
i jumped there and i got him out of the pool but he wasn`t breathing i dont remember what happend after that
coz i hardly realixed that i`v jumped in the pool *o* i ran to his mum and i gave him to her and idk XD
i felt it was all my responsibility idk why =X 

7. One of moment in your life when you feel, "I'm so lucky !"
didn`t came yet , but every time i remember who is my mother i feel lucky ^^

8. One of your favorite game for a life time
teken 3 XD i can only play this XD

9. One of your favorite song in your playlist
arabic: nancy ajram`s songs 
japanese : first love - utada hikaru & NEWS-cherish , tegomassu kata omoii no chisana koi &chiken boy T^T
american : hilary duff- I AM 

( did u say one? XD)  

10. One of your idol's DVD you ever had
not yet .-.

11. One of your internet username
abir-chan but if it`s arabic site it`s abir tamim 

12. One of your favorite Japanese group

13. One of your interesting part of your body
my body .-. everyone says that .-. 
but i like my eyebrows *v* i never touch them *v* aaand my moles *v*

14. One of your interesting part of your opposite sex body
Smile *v* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cheeks   

15. One of your favorite food

16. One of your favorite dessert

desserts? yuk .-. okay chocolate cake ^^"

17. One of your favorite filling of a bread
hamburger XXXD

18. One of your favorite color
yellow *v* 

19. One of your favorite movie
the Cinderella story *v*

20. One of your favorite website of all time

google XD lol

 i think twitter ^^

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my tegoshi-is girl chap 3\?

title: My tegoshi-ish GIRL
author: me .. abi-chan
pairing: masuda/tegoshi-ish??!!
rating: I don`t know what is the rating means so I don’t know xD
summary: he was a drunk and sad , when he met the girl who looks like tegoshi too much
notes: well, this is the first time for me writing fafic and the English is not my mother language so please be kind with me ^^"

Next day ..

Masu woke up and blanked few times before remembering

" yeah i`m in that`s girl`s room "

Massu walked out of the room

" good morning massu "

"massu ???"

" aah , it`s harder to say masuda-san"

(what is it with her ?) he thought

" well , okay , thank you very much for taking care of me I think i`ll leave now"

" are you going ?i was about making a breakfast "

" ah thank you , I don’t feel like eating now"



( why she insists?) he ask himself

(why am I insisting ?) she asked herself

Massu took a seat on the table

Later .

Massu was focusing on his coffee not saying anything

"how do you feel now?"

" ah much better ,thank you"

" good "


( what a awkward atmosphere) she thought

" you can talk to me "


" I mean about your broken heart"

" why would I ? "

"well..maybe sometimes talking to someone you don’t know is good"


" 1- maybe that someone will give you an advice ,2- maybe you will feel better after

Talking and that someone will forget everything about you and your troubles"

" I don’t want to "

" okay"

" uh you are really a girl "

" I AM..why would you think i`m not ???"

"last night you were wearing…."

" I wear boys cloths when I sleep sometimes ..BUT..that doesn`t make me a boy "


Suddenly she remembered something

" aaaah by the way ,,i`m really really really really sorry"


"please forgive meeee"

" what?? For what ?"

" last night your phone was ringing none stop so I shoot it off… I swear I didn`t see the

Number and I swear I didn`t do anything with it I swear god I didn`t ..i just thought it`s going

To wake you up so…i..shoot it off"

Massu was blinking too much

" are you going to be mad at me ?"

( sure I am ><") he said to himself


" I know you don’t like people to touch your thing,, and i`m really sorry "

"it`s`s ok..where is it ?"

" I didn`t move it .. I cleaned it whit a napkin and I put it beside you"


" uh , i`ll take it then "

Massu went to take his phone and kaori thought

( wha?? What is that?? He is acting like it`s his home already !!!)

Then massu showed up

""thanks again for taking care of me, and sorry for the troubles I made

"ah no no it`s okay"

" i`m leaving now.."

She walked him to the door

" good bye"

" bye bye"

" he left??? Like like I won`t see him again??is that`s the over ? wait wait what was thaaaaaaat?"

Kaori was so shocked ..that she didn`t sleep at night

" i`m sleeping on the bed that massu was sleeping on?..wait wait he was sleeping on my bed"

She kept thinking those stupid thoughts until the late night ..and she decided that it`s all dream

Two weeks later everything back to the normal …sometimes kaori thought like

( I miss him .. It was a few hours but I really miss him..i can`t lie to myself and say it was a dream)

Later that night she was lying on her couch feeling so sleepy and empty

When she heard a strong knocking on her door

" okay coming coming"

she couldn`t believe her eyes when she opened the door

" massu ??"

" aa..hi"

" come in ..come in"

"thank you"

" let me make you some.."

" can I stay here tonight ?"

" huh???"


" why??"

He didn`t answer just looked at the floor

" are you okay?"

" yeah..i think"

" is it that bad??"

" I really need a rest..i`m tired " he said with a sad voice

" you can sleep in my room"

" but.."

" no no no no you can..go ahead i`m still not sleeping early"

(i`v became a bat becoz of you anyway ) she thought

"thank you"

Minutes later she wanted to check if he was sleeping or if he needs something

Out of her door she heard him sobbing

(what is it with him ?)

She entered her room

" massu??" are you okay?"

He was sitting on the bed`s side and crying

She ran to him

" are you okay??wha??what happened"

" it really hurts "

she site down beside him

" will you please tell me what is hurting you ?? please"

He was sobbing and not answering her

She wiped his tears with her thumb

" massu, please don’t hurts me too"

Massu was crying like baby who lost his mum, and she cant stay and watch that

So she hugged him

" I don’t want to see crying massu,, it doesn`t suit you,i`ll..i`ll cry with you"

And she cried with him for real

Massu said while sobbing

" I can`t handle it anymore, I was giving him my heart, my time and all my life..but he..he..doesn't feel anything"

She pated his head

"massu ..sometimes you can`t have all what you want "

He hugged her tight and buried his face in her shoulder

" but I loved him so much,,more than anything"

" I know..i know how do you feel "

They didn`t say anything after that she let him cry until he calmed a little bit

She looked at him in the eyes and said

" really should sleep..go and wash your face first"


It was awkward really

( what have I done????????????)

No time to think now..she ran to the kitchen to bring a water for massu

" take this drink it "

"thank you "

Massu went to the bed and she covered him with the blanket but he suddenly grabbed her


" will you..stay with me?"


" please..i need you"

"aa okay"

( what am I doing ?? getting in the bed with him?? I`m already dea~d)

Massu buried his face in her chest .. and she felt him sobbing a little ,so kaori wrapped her

Arms around him and passed her fingers in his hair until he fell asleep

She looked at his face and said

" I know how do feel,when you r in love with someone who loves another one..i really do"

She kissed hid nose and said

" I love you"

okay now here is the end of the chappy ^^"
now i`m really going to sleep *v*
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no thing for reall ^^" first time talking to my LJ ^^"

 i just thought those lyrics of the song suits me ..

well i`m not in love or anything ..

wel i am .-. with massu XP

anyways i just wanted to post them ^^"

This afternoon has turned out to be so boring
That I even yawned once
Could you not try to make out?
It ruins it

I muddled through as a perky girl
For awhile
But now I’ve noticed that I seem to be getting sexy too

Ah, why is it
That every time night falls
I feel like crying? Ah

Oh baby
All my dreams are serious
I want you to tell me

The conditions for becoming an adult

It’s kind of a pain
I’ll have to buy

A new TV

Faux love
Just makes me lonely
But I keep wanting
To feel warmth

Acting like a “good girl”
Just makes me feel empty
But still I fake a smile because I can

Eating a hamburger
I watched the people walking down the street
Is there any girl here
Who's smiling for real?

My favourite song plays in my headphones
Again and again
These lyrics could be about me

Ah, why is it
That I can’t let myself be vulnerable?
I want to call Mum, ah

Oh baby
What will we do tomorrow?
Do I want? Oh yeah

You don’t love me enough

I don’t act like a delinquent for no reason
That’s a waste of time, you know?

I want to be in love

Every girl
Knows what it’s like
To be a girl
Who gets into one faux love after another

I say all kinds of stuff
But I just want to shine
Can I find the real thing too?

Faux love
Just makes me lonely
But I keep wanting
To feel warmth

Acting like a “good girl”
Just makes me feel empty
But still I fake a smile “because I can”

Every girl
Knows what it’s like
To be a girl
Who gets into one faux love after another

I say all kinds of stuff
But I just want to shine
Can I find the real thing too?

this is the video of the song

every time night comes i feel like wanting to cry 

and there are a lot of times i feel so empty ..

and all the time i feel lonely <\3

i want to tell that to mum

but i cant ..

she will get hurt if i toled her ..

and plus ..she can`t do anything to a girl like me

hated..unwanted..ignored..jinx .. 


and i really miss my friends love 

well well .. what ever ..

i`ll just keep faking smiles like i do every day  

^^ now time to sleep 


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Giulia...<<<<<3 ^^




Abir is Happy for you ^^

now should i really pay for you @@?

uh come on *v* you won`t let abir pay right *v* ??

ok my PET xD this is all what i can do ^^"

down .. down *V*

press to be larger ^^"

^^" i know it`s not a big thing ^^"

gumen ^^

aaaaaaaaaaaaand congratulations <<<3 
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Massu no Cinderella <3

this drabble is for mashu`s birthday ^^

Title: Massu no Cinderella 

Pairing: you (reader)\massu 

Rating: no idea

Genre: fluff i thinl ^v^

Summary: she was making a chocolate cake .. singing chocolateo ^^

she was happy and singing tegomasu`s chocolate song

while backing his birthday cake

she smiled shyly when she thought about what she will do tonight

after the cake was prepared she put it in

a cute round pink and white box

and then got out the house


with every step she walks ..her heart was beating faster

she is on his doorstep now ... noway to go back

she can hear a party noise inside the house

she pressed the bell and she can NOW hear him saying

" haai .. coming "

she put the box on the doorstep and run away

" oh nooooo"

her shoe took itself in the bad timing

but what the hell is going on .. she saw another guy looking shocked at her

" oh no it`s tegoshiiiii~ "

she shshed him and ran to hid herself behind the nearest wall

he opened the door with his breathtaking smile

" sorry for keep you wait...areeh!!"

he notice the box and tegoshi who was looking to the wall she went to

he took the box and opened it

" waaa looks delicious ..from who?? tegoshi!!? is it from you ?? "

" no, what`s inside the box ?"

" a chocolate cake with a birthday card but no sign "

and then he noticed the shoe

" a shoe??!"

massu raised an eyebrow

tegoshi laugh when he understand the whole story

"i saw a cute girl running away when i reached here "

" a girl ? "

after a silent moment tegoshi said

" massu "


" i think you should take the shoe "

she heared him and said

" oh noooo~ "

but massu said

" eh???why ??"

" i think she could be massu no cinderella "


*v* hope you like it <3


M: malls are his favorite place

A : all of NEWS are ignoring what he says XD

S: seikai ichi BEST SMILE

U: utau ga umaii * he sings goos*

D: dork but so cute

A: active

T:tabe sugi * eats a lot*

A: adorable

K : kid but in a man`s body

A: angelical

H: healing my heart


S: super chicken boy XD

A: amazing

HAPPY massuDAY ^^

Massu … my ichiban taisetsuna hito ^^

Massu .. the one who can always make me smile

Massu.. the fisrt love of my life

Massu the one who I can love and respect and I want to protect

Massu ..

People don’t know WHY .. HOW..i love you

They don’t know how much you mean to ME

I know you mean a lot to so many fans too


Wish you happiness and love

For all your life


May all your dreams come true

May god pless you

My god make you MINE

Hope you all of joy and happiness

Always stay like that ..dont you ever change


With love


(( 24  reasons why do i love massu ))


1 ^^

 2 ^^


i had to do all of this be4 a month but my laptop "dead"  T^T so i made what i can remake 

in only 3 days ^^"

gumenasai mashuu <<<3

i know its nothing ^^" but i tried at least ^^

thanks guys ^^


Chu Chu Chu ringtone ^^

hi there ^^

ok this is the ringtone that i made

one for the part " kimi to blah blah chu chu chu xD "

and the other is for tegoshi`s part  at the beginning 

and the ringtones are for Iphone & MP3 too ^^

here on MF <3

so, if you wanted to request any ringtone from the mimi album

^^ don`t be shy

just tell me which song and which part ^^ 

My tegoshi-ish GIRL 2\?

title: My tegoshi-ish GIRL
author: me .. abi-chan
pairing: masuda/tegoshi-ish??!!
rating: I don`t know what is the rating means so I don’t know xD
summary: he was a drunk and sad , when he met the girl who looks like tegoshi too much
notes: well, this is the first time for me writing fafic and the English is not my mother language so please be kind with me ^^"


Chapter 2\?
After giving massu some of the medicines kaori went to the living room she was really afraid and excited
She told herself .."" this is must be a crazy dream
It`s 3:35 a.m now ..when she heard some noise in her bedroom ..
" did he wake up ?? "
She saw massu walking out her bedroom and then she asked
"are you ok now ?"
"" i`m…i`m thirsty
" i`ll gave you some water ..set here "
After moments
" here "
"thank you ….…eeeeeeh?? Who are you ?? where am I ?"
" you stuck on me and you were so sick so I brought you here ..…"
W…why are you staring at me ""
" are you a girl ? "
" I AM "
" you .. you look like .. someone I know .. and ..he is a guy "
" you mean your love..tegoshi yuya??? "
" how …"
" you thought that i`m tegoshi so YOU stuck on me"
" i`m ..sorry "
" are you ok now ?, I thought you`ll burn "
"this is must be a crazy dream "
" yeah , I think that too , i`v never thought i`ll see masuda takahisa ..and talk to him.. in my own room "
" sorry ,, i`m really sorry , I think I have to go now ..thank you very much "
When he walked a little steps ,,he fall on the ground
" hey are you ok ??" she run to him , helping him to stand
" i`m ok ..i`m just dizzy "
" you`re not ok , I think you should go back and sleep "
" no , i`m really ok.. i`ll just go home "
" it`s too clod out there and it`s tooooo late ,, set here ,, i`ll make you something hot to drink "
" th..thank you "
When she went to the kitchen ..she asked her self
"what should I make?? Uh,, right he likes the hot chocolate ."
" here"
" sorry , thank you "
"don`t thank me please "
" uh , it`s hot chocolate,, how did you know that I like it"
" eeerm ..well" she pointed to the wall ..on some of massuda`s pics
" aa.. you are a fan!!!? "
"well yeah can say than"
"this is ..aa"
"don`t worry ,, i`m not going to tell anyone about anything ,,i`ll just tell myself that it was only a crazy dream"
She saw his eyes looking to her not really trusting her ..
"well . I know you can`t believe me ,but if I told anyone about this , i`ll cause you troubles ,and I don`t want that to happen , and now you know the place .. if I lied ..come and kill me..ok?"
" no , it`s not like I don`t truest you..i "
" I can read you`r eyes , and I don`t blame you ,me too I can`t truest you, how could I know that you`re not going to do something bad to me?"
(( ok , that was a lie )) she thought .
" uh "
He was only drinking his hot chocolate without saying a word
" so ,, do you really in love with him"
" eh?"
" I know it`s not my business but , you can say anything you want "
" what do you mean ?"
" when I found you , you were crying too much and when you saw my face you STOLEN my first hug , you were really look ,broken "
Masuda just blushed a little , not looking to her ..
"eeeh .. i`v never imagine that…i`m not blaming you falling in love is not a bad thing , and you can`t help yourself or chose who would you love ..but"
" hmm?"
" I think you deserve something better than that "
" you don`t know anything"
" yes, I don`t know any ,, but, having a broken heart is not thing you deserve ,that`s what I know "
" anyway , is it ok if I stayed here? Wouldn't your boyfriend mind ?"
" I don’t have a boyfriend"
" what? I don`t believe you =S "
"well up until now i`v never fall in love with any one "
" eh? Even the first love ??"
(( can we say that you`re my first love?))
" yes "
"eeeh~ "
" is that something bad ?"
" no . no but , someone who had your face ,, I don`t think .."
" aah , I see . but no ,,the others are not like massuda "
" nothing , so why don`t you go back to sleep and tomorrow imagine that this night was a dream"
" you go to sleep , i`ll sleep here on the couch "
" no no , don`t be so shy , actually I usually don`t sleep at this time , so no problem with me "she said with a smile
(( actually i`m a girl who sleep at 11 p.m .. now i`m dying sleep))
" yeah , I have to do something here and there .just go ahead "
Massu smiled a little and said
"thank you "
When he laid on her bed he saw others pics of him on the wall
" I hope that she isn`t a crazy fan ,, i`m afraid that she`ll do something bad to me , well she doesn`t look like a bad person ,,and this bed ..smells nice"
And then , he fall asleep
Ok i`m not ok with this chap -______- but I felt like writing ^^" sorry ^^"
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another Q xxD

 i don`t know but i`m falling in love with the QS xD its like asking my self :3

1. Why not me?

coz it`s not me 
2. Am I nice?
too much -_-"
3. Am I doing what I really want to do?
4. What am I grateful for?
i have the greatest mother 
5. What’s missing in my life?
love, luck , some company 
6. Am I honest?
sure i cant lie 
7. Do I listen to others?
if they are listing to me 
8. Do I work hard?
yeah , too much forcing my sel
9. Do I help others?
they came to me just to get help 
10. What do I need to change about myself?
"kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki " ;3 nothing i don`t need any changing 
11. Have I hurt others?
by saing the truth ? yeah i did , truth always hurts 
12. Do I complain?
yes yes yes yes yes 
13. What’s next for me?
i wonder :(
14. Do I have fun?
not like what people think , no , i look soo funny girl , but no ,not realy
15. Have I seized opportunities?
16. Do I care about others?
more than my self 
17. Do I spend enough time with my family?
no no no no I DON`T ><
18. Am I open-minded?
19. Have I seen enough of the world?
20. Do I judge others?
no "MURI"
21. Do I take risks?
22. What is my purpose?
23. What is my biggest fear?
high places + future 
24. How can I conquer that fear?
facing it 
25. Do I thank people enough?
as long as they deserve it 
26. Am I successful?
yes but i need some luck 
27. What am I ashamed of?
i`m not doing things makes me ashamed 
28. Do I annoy others?
yeah , by cute ways xD
29. What are my dreams?
i know what is it :P
30. Am I positive?
i used to be xxD
31. Am I negative?
yeah for the last 8 years
32. Is there an afterlife?
yes there is 
33. Does everything happen for a reason?
34. What can I do to change the world?
35. What is the most foolish thing I’ve ever done?
a lot of things 
36. Am I cheap?
37. Am I greedy?
38. Who do I love?
mom <3 ,my friends and my my my massu 
39. Who do I want to meet?
MASSU , and my luck to wake him up xxD
40. Where do I want to go?
tokiyo , osaka, Spain 
41. What am I most proud of?
that i`m abir <3
42. Do I care what others think about me?
a lot 
43. What are my talents?
heheheh ;P
44. Do I utilize those talents?
45. What makes me happy?
 seeing massu ^^ recntly i don`t smile but when i talk about him ^^"
46. What makes me sad?
being ignored 
47. What makes me angry?
48. Am I satisfied with my appearance?
yeah sure 
49. Am I healthy?
50. What was the toughest time in my life?
now days T^T
51. What was the easiest time in my life?
childhood days
52. Am I selfish?
sort of ,but i became selfish for the others sake :S
53. What was the craziest thing I did?
hahahahaha driving the car not to fall in a valley xD 
54. What is the craziest thing I want to do?
i don`t want to do anything , i want it to come by the chance :S
55. Do I procrastinate?
if i don`t like what i`m doing , i do 
56. What is my greatest regret?
:S we learn from our past , no need to be regret of anything , right?
57. What has had the greatest impact on my life?
smiling brings happiness 
58. Who has had the greatest impact on my life?
mom, massu :$
59. Do I stand up for myself?
yes , i don`t need any one sometimes ^^ 
60. Have I settled for mediocrity?
61. Do I hold grudges?
no , i don`t know how to heat someone 
62. Do I read enough?
63. Do I listen to my heart?
no , but to my brain 
64. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate?
65. Do I pray only when I want something?
muslims prays 5 time every day =)
66. Do I constantly dwell on the past?
with my self ,yeah i do 
67. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me?
no, i chose what to affect by 
68. Do I forgive myself?
for the little things ,yes 
69. When I help someone do I think “What’s in it for me”?
no never 
70. Am I aware that someone always has it worse than me?
sometimes xD
71. Do I smile more than I frown?
72. Do I surround myself with good people?
yes yes
73. Do I take time out for myself?
all the time 
74. Do I ask enough questions?
i`m tired now xD
75. What other questions do I have?
i`ll tink later xD 

KOYAsumi minna xD
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50 Random Questions xD

here is some Qs about me :3 

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
here reading some fictions
2. Who are you in love with?
Massu , in realty no one
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
no xD
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
yeah a lot of things " bandanna,headphone,notebook,..etc
5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
last week
6. Are you wearing socks right now?
i`v took it of 1 mn ago xD
7. Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
i don`t
8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
i don`t drive
9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
no , only some DVDS
10. Are you hot?
somehow xD
11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
DEW <<<3
12. What are you wearing right now?
dressed shirt +Bermuda
13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
i don`t have a car
14. Last food that you ate?
rice <3
15. Where were you last week at this time?
on my bed or on my PC
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
17. When is the last time you ran?
looooooooooooooooooong time ago
i can`t remember =S
18. What's the last sporting event you watched?
today soccer game xD
19. What is your favorite animal?
all of them but mostly the cats :3
20. Your dream vacation?
21. Last person's house you were in?
22. Worst injury you've ever had?
one on my forehead i have a scar becoz of it xD,but it`s cut :3
23. Have you been in love?
no , but massu ^^"
24. Do you miss anyone right now?
yeah i do
25. Last play you saw?
i don`t remember :\
26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
being my self :3 they love me even if i didn`t try to :\
27. What are your plans for tonight?
sleeeep!ng ^^"
28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment?
no one
29. Next trip you are going to take?
no plans until now
30. Ever go to camp?
a lot
31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
yup (^^)y
32. What do you want to know about the future?
what am i going to be ,,
33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
yup , i cant sleep with out wearing it
34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit?
no xD
35. Where is your best friend?
maybe sleeping now or they`re preparing for the uni
36. How is your best friend?
secret :P
37. Do you have a tan?
no i don`t , my best friend does :P
38. What are you listening to right now?
39. Do you collect anything?
cute notebooks <<3
40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
hihihihi girl was in my school xD
41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
43. What does your last text message say?
xxxxxxD CM about something i don`t know what xxD
44. Do you like hot sauce?
i heat sauces
45. Last time you took a shower?
1 hour be4
46. Do you need to do laundry?
i did
47. What is your heritage?
WTH xD ?? i don`t know
48. Are you someone's best friend?
yeah a . l . o .t
49. Are you rich?
not really ,no
50. What were you doing at 12AM last night?
sleeping <3
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